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Exhibitor Information

Please Download the New Vendor Application Packet

Submit Lease Agreement with $20 Application Fee and Photos.
To be accepted as a participant please submit Lease Agreement, email four to six close-up photos of the products that you will be selling , along with your $20 new exhibitor application fee. This is a one-time processing fee. We will evaluate your application and our decision will be sent promptly.

Application fee can be paid online in each individual show by creating an account and selecting in the drop-down menu.

Register for shows ONLINE or by submitting Show Contracts & Payment.

Upon acceptance, please download show contracts to register for the shows you'd like to do with us. 2022 show contracts are available for download.

The individual show contracts indicate show

Select the shows you would like to participate in and submit the individual Show Contract along with your Payment.

Get ready to make money!

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